New Shoes

At the beginning of the month I got new shoes and I finally got to start breaking them in this week, before jumping into my 5k training plan next week. I got fitted for Asics this time around, versus the Brooks that I had been running in. I also got some fancy insoles since I have silly high arches. I’m not 100% certain these are the shoes for me though, because they feel a little on the stiff side. But I’ve only done one official run in them, so I will give them a little bit longer to see how they do.

Saturday I woke up plenty early so I could shower and get ready to work at Block for a little bit. I did a few returns before leaving early to head to my grandparents for my Grandpa’s birthday. He’s been having some health issues this winter so it was nice to see him out and enjoying the gorgeous day. After dinner, M, my dad, and myself headed over to our old house and shot some sporting clays with the new thrower that we got. I did exceptionally well, breaking probably 35 of the 50 clays that I shot. Maybe even more. So exciting to have a proper thrower now, which means more opportunities to practice shooting. After heading back to my grandparents to pick up my mom, I made a mad dash to the grocery store to get some snacks for the trivia table that we were participating in.

The trivia night supported the local county fair, and we all went into not expecting much. Before starting we had to write down an estimate of how many questions we thought we’d get right, in the event that there was a tie, the team closest to their estimate would be the winner. We conservatively went with 64. Some how we wound up winning the entire thing.

Clearly we underestimated ourselves and the amount of useless knowledge we have.

After trivia we went to a friend’s house and had a fancy little Wii bowling tournament. Because that is infinitely more fun than actual bowling.

Sunday was good for sleeping in and making breakfast. I took the dogs out for a nice walk and to take my new shoes for their first official spin. We walked about a mile overall and I let the old man wade in the creek a little bit. It was a nice walk except for the fact that not even 5 minutes into it, I managed to twist my ankle and go down hard on the little asphalt path. I took a small chunk off my palm and scrapped my knee pretty good. It takes such skill to eat it so hard when I’m simply just walking.

Post-walk, we hit up Starbucks and the gas station before heading home and cleaning a bit. Then to the grocery shop and get some prescriptions filled before home to make dinner. All in all this weekend was pretty nice.

Last night I did not want to go run. But I made myself change clothes and get all my stuff together and out the door. Someone was pretty certain I shouldn’t leave her behind, so I also took Kaycee with me. I went for two miles at Indian Camp Creek park and it was a little warm! I wasn’t quite expecting 80 degree days yet. 2mile316


The first mile had a lot of starts and stops to it, plus there is a nice little hill that we ran up, the second mile I really tried to focus on speeding up and being consistent with my pace on the watch. I want to break 45 minutes on the 5k, so learning how to properly pace myself is a must.

All in all it was a nice little run, and I’m glad that I got out the door and went running. I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and running more regularly.


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