Yeah, So, Uhh…

Apparently I have a half-marathon on Sunday. Totally slipped my mind. I knew it was coming up in October, but some how it didn’t fully dawn on me that hey, October is THIS WEEK until last Friday or so. And my running (“training”) hasn’t been exactly spot on recently. Obviously, since I haven’t been posting anything. Although I did have a pretty fantastic trail run a few weekends back. I’m not un-prepared, or prepared, perhaps just under-prepared. But probably better of than I was attempting the same half last year. We’ll just have to wait and see, I suppose.

We met with the architect about our house plans. Hopefully, next week we will get the preliminary floor plan. It will be exciting to see it all drawn out with exact dimensions of rooms and with the adjustments we wanted made. Then comes the hard part, the nitty-gritty details part, where we have to pick out the floor and the wall colors and cabinets and shit. That’s the scary part. Well, next to finding out exactly how much it will all cost to build it in the long run. So it’s the second scariest part of the whole process. I thought it was nerve-wrecking trying to put together a small kitchen. Now I have to put together an entire house!

I’m heading back to the vet for a third time to drain yet another aural hematoma on Kaycee’s ears. I’m not certain exactly what is causing them, although I think it’s playing with certain toys that have knots in the “arms”. But who knows? It’s not like she can tell me. Which sucks.

So another round of antibiotics and steroids are most likely on the horizon. Fun times. She’s pretty good about taking meds, though. She’s a very tolerant dog.

I’ve been out with my bow a couple times, but haven’t seen anything other than signs of deer activity. Being out and hiking around through the woods is beyond peaceful to me. Except for the occasional spider-web to the face encounter. Totally makes me miss being outside so much. But I’m getting there. Bow hunting in September is very different from rifle hunting in November. One thing is I’m not wearing 87 layers of clothes to try to stay warm. Another is seeing all the signs and tracks from all the animals before the leaves cover them up. Number three is bugs. Those aren’t typically out in the cold of November. Didn’t really think about that one. But so far I’m really enjoying my outdoor time. Wishing for more of it. Knowing that it’s just about taking the time to make that happen.

Holidays are fast approaching. I have no clue what I’m getting anyone for gifts. I guess I have a little bit of time to think it through. Make my lists of things. Try to figure out what I want. It’s always a challenge to come up with stuff when I need to make a gift list, like all the things I’ve been wanting just leave my brain.

Well, I suppose the next time you will hear from me will be after the half on Sunday! Cross your fingers and wish me luck!


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