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Last night I took my first run of 2016! I got in two miles before yoga class last night and I really pushed the pace. For me, anyways. I have noticed a definite improvement in my running this past year and I am looking forward to continuing to see my race times drop!


I wore my new jacket and while it’s still a tiny bit snug around the stomach area, it zips all the way and fit nicely everywhere else. It also kept the sprinkles off me and did a pretty good job at keeping me warm when I needed it and ventilated when I needed that.

It’s rained a shit-load here in Missouri and just earlier this week this trail was under water! So it was nice to be able to use it again and it actually wasn’t too muddy or dirty out!
 After my run, I hit up that night’s yogahour class and the same yoga voodoo magic was happening again! So maybe not a fluke! Very exciting times.

The one thing that bothered me a little bit was the girl on her mat next to me. Is it proper to come to an instructor lead class, and then decide halfway through that you don’t want to do the same poses as the rest of the class, so you’ll just do far more advanced and completely different poses? Is this a thing? I found it quite distracting and also a little rude to the teacher. But what do I know…maybe that’s how you roll in yoga class.

Today is a glorious rest day before the weekend! In which it might snow, but I am going to try to get in a yoga class and a 3 mile run anyways.


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  1. Ummm I can only see a piece of it but this jacket looks cute!!

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