Catching Up


I know I haven’t blogged since my race recap back in April, but I’ve been pretty busy and I have been thinking of things to blog. I want to get a more scheduled type of posting up, sharing reviews and recipes, as well as just general life stuff. I guess this is really more of a lifestyle blog anyways. Not healthy living (lord no!) and not a running blog or fashion or any of those other things. I just want a place to share the things that I love and find interesting with the rest of the world. And I know my life isn’t all that interesting in general! But for now, just a general catch up post.

I’ve been trying, some times successfully, to get my life a little more organized for the past year or so. I generally get a decent pattern going, and then something comes along and totally derails me. Maybe I have ADD? And I find it hard to get back into the swing of things. Take for instance, doing the dishes. I know it is SO much easier just to do the damn dishes every evening, rather than letting them pile up in the sink for days on end and then I spend an hour or so trying to wash them all on the weekend (when I’d much rather be doing other stuff) or scrambling to make sure I have enough clean pots and pans and plates and silverware to eat dinner during the week. And yet, I find it boarder-line impossible to manage to keep my sinks clean for more than a week or two at a time. Same thing goes for menu planning and grocery shopping. I’ll get a month or so down and then poof, whatever it is that I require to continue to do these things just vanishes.

And that’s how I wind up spending $200 at the freaking grocery store.

And then I wind up throwing out a ton of stuff because we have leftovers or I can’t motivate myself to prep a veggie for dinner or I don’t have something to cook it on. Or have any clue how to cook it. The only thing I’ve managed to successfully do for the last several months is make M lunch, and that doesn’t really benefit me in any fashion! All I’m doing is saving him money!

I did manage to bring my own lunch last week, for the majority of the week. I also just brought in the majority of my salad stuff and prepped it here and just brought in a little protein to throw on it from home each day. So that didn’t go to badly. This week I am going to work on leftovers from last week for lunches since I have a couple of days worth in the fridge and I’m so tired of throwing money out each week in leftovers. Throwing away a little bit of food here and there isn’t the end of the world for me, but when I’m pitching a mostly full carton of eggs, or two or three meals worth of leftovers, I get a little pissed. Mostly because it’s wasting money. And because some of that food I’m throwing away was pretty freaking delicious!

So I’m trying to be a little more conscious of that kind of stuff, and maybe I need to look into couponing. My only gripe with couponing is that it seems like a waste of time, considering the stuff that I like typically doesn’t have a coupon for it. Grr! Any tips would be appreciated!


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