This weekend was ridiculously packed. I don’t know that I could have squeezed one more activity in there if I wanted to. And trust me, I didn’t!

Saturday started out with M having to work, and then I headed to Chesterfield to get manicures and pedicures with my mom and sister for Mother’s Day. Mom also wanted to get eyelash extensions, which took a while to put on, so we got to lunch fairly late. After lunch, my sister and I hit up Target to goof around and kill time before I met up with M and we headed to the French Quarter off Manchester for their annual crawfish boil. M’s cousin comes up from Louisiana every year and brings a ton of fresh crawfish and gulf shrimp to this bar for their boil. And then he cooks it ALL! And it is freaking delicious. So good! He makes all the usual fixins’ to go with is like mushrooms, potatoes, and corn. This year he also boiled hot dogs in the same seasoning blend as the rest, and those sold pretty well too! All in all it was a pretty good night.

Sunday I was up early to bake a blackberry cobbler and some brownies for Mother’s Day dinner/lunch at mom and dad’s and then I tried to make some pancakes with a recipe I found online but they did not turn out. I couldn’t stop burning them. No matter what heat setting I tried. So I eventually gave up on those and just fixed some eggs for each of us. Then I tackled the dishes until it was time to head over to my parents house. We had steaks, and an asparagus pasta dish that was pretty delicious, and then of course my desserts that I had made. Then we headed over to M’s cousin’s house for his new pool opening party which featured, wait for it, a crawfish boil! This round was much spicier than the night before and I couldn’t stop eating them. So I’m sure all that extra sodium is sitting around in my body, creating a tight pants effect today!

I remembered to grab my yoga gear so that I can head to class tonight, which is a super huge plus for me! Maybe I will sweat out the remains of the two boils in class tonight!


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