Stitch Fix #2

Note: Stitch Fix does not give me any compensation or credit to talk about their services or products. All opinions and purchases are my own.

As I mentioned in my last post about Stitch Fix, I decided to give it a try after seeing my sister have good luck with them and seeing so many other posts by people who seem to enjoy it. This is my second Stitch Fix box, and it wasn’t quite the winner  the first box was.

Mavi Ruxin Boyfriend Jean $98-sent back

I liked these jeans, but for the price I couldn’t justify keeping them since I already have a pair pretty similar to these at home. If they would have been a different wash, color, or finish I probably would have kept them. The fit was good, and I liked that they weren’t “blingy” like a lot of jeans.


Pixley Verleen Knit Burnout Maxi Dress $68-sent back

Yeah, there was absolutely nothing I liked with this dress. I’ve never done a maxi dress before, and this was not the one to make me try. I’m not a huge dress fan to start with, and the pattern and colors of this dress, not to mention the material, where all just big no’s for me.


Unpublished Castella Lace Detailed Cargo Jacket $88-sent back

I was excited to see an olive cargo jacket included in my fix because I’ve pinned tons of similar style jackets on my Pinterest. However, again, this jacket was just a total miss as far as my style goes. It felt surprisingly heavy, like it would be very warm to wear and the fabric felt ok for a jacket. The lace just killed it completely for me. Not only did it have the little lace bits on the pockets, but it had a small panel running up part of the back of the jacket,too. Just not my style at all.

stitchfix2-2 stitchfix2-3

Collective Concepts Nikeysha Split Neck Blouse $54-sent back

I like the general style of this top and the pattern isn’t too bad. But when I went to try it on I couldn’t get my arms over my head to pull it down because the fabric is SO STIFF. I was afraid I was going to go all Incredible Hulk on it and tear it to shreds. My mom kind of liked it, but not enough to keep it and the more I look at it the more I don’t think either of would have worn it much.


Pixley Penni V-Neck Top $48-kept it

Out of everything, I chose to keep this top. It looks black in this photo, but it’s actually navy. I think it will be a good addition to my work wardrobe, getting me away from my usual t-shirt & dress pants combo and the print is pretty cute.


Overall, I was fairly disappointed with this fix. Most of the stuff wasn’t my “style” or I just didn’t vibe with it or see the value in purchasing it. I will continue to do the Stitch Fix shipments, just to see how they go and try to get some new stuff into my outfit rotations. I don’t go clothes shopping a whole lot, so this is a nice way to get some options in and not have to put forth a lot of effort. Plus, everyone says that the longer you do the fixes, the better they get. So we shall see!


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