Kicking off Half Marathon Training & an Update


My heart hasn’t been in writing, really, for the past few months, and to be honest, there really hasn’t been much going on since I ran the Go! St. Louis half back in April. I have run a total of four times since then, twice being races, and yoga has been more miss than hit the past few months as well.

The only thing progressing with any consistency is the new house! After a bit of a delay in getting the crew out after the foundation was dug and poured, we now have exterior walls and interior wall framing. There is a small back up at the truss company, so we won’t be getting those any time in the immediate future, but they decided to start on the back deck while they’re waiting. Now if the weather would spend a little more time cooperating instead of throwing a temper tantrum every day, we could probably be even further along.

Since the year is already half way over, I took stock of things and checked where I was at in relation to the few goals I had set for myself this year. For the most part, I’ve been hitting some of the goals at about 40%, while others I am most certainly failing on. Everything was going pretty smoothly until I just stopped keeping track of anything really.

As far as being consistent in my running and yoga, for the first part of the year (until Italy) I did really good with yoga and squeezing in a run here or there. Post Italy, I focused more on running than I was, but still not with the intensity and consistency that I should have. After the half in April, both things just fell to the wayside and it’s been a bit of a struggle to find the motivation to do both. Between running every where for house appointments and not taking better care of myself, I’ve been exhausted and feeling short on time. Plus, I couldn’t quite muster the same feelings towards running and yoga that I had been. It was feeling more like a chore than something I get to do, and that isn’t a good feeling to have. But after this last race this holiday weekend, I am feeling much more motivated and I am feeling those old sparks coming back.

I have been getting outside more, but not in the ways I had hoped. I do spend some time outside each day tending to my little garden and orchard, but I haven’t biked much and I have hike at all. So I am looking forward to getting more time in on both those activities here in the coming months.

Taking better care of myself. This one is tricky. Up until last month, I was doing a pretty decent job of making sure I was on top of everything. Then I just got plain lazy and tired. I don’t know where this extreme tiredness is coming from, since my appointment with my endocrinologist went well and there weren’t any changes to make other than upping the dosage of Vitamin D to every week instead of bi-weekly. It could be more of a mental thing. So I’ve been attempting to make sure I am eating better foods and less junk (although I do love me some candy!) and trying to get a good amount of sleep each night.

Finally, financial goals. Ehh, this one is probably about 50/50. I did pay off my card before my Italy trip like I wanted, and I have raised my credit score some, but I got really bad at keeping track of my spending and went into the negative a few times and had to fall back on my credit cards. But-I think it’s worth noting that I’ve paid one of my cards off a couple of times now, instead of carrying a balance, which is a good thing. I’m working towards getting back on track this month, and hopefully will achieve my financial goals by the end of the year.

So that’s that little update. I kicked fall half marathon training off with a 4 mile run last night, but since this post is getting a little lot on the long-winded side, I will recap that and my last two races in another post!


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