Weekend Review: Hell Week is Over & Hiking

Fair week, which I affectionately refer to as Hell Week wrapped up on Saturday with the concert and everything went pretty well. I basically spent the entire day there after running the 5k that morning (recap & review coming soon!) and I think this is going to be a good year for the fair. The past few years haven’t always been the best for the fair, and they’ve had a couple where they lost a bit of money, but with some of the changes that were put into place, I think they are on the path to bouncing back and become a source of pride again for the community.

Since I was busy all day on Saturday, I didn’t really get much done but I made a concentrated effort to do a ton of stuff on Sunday, even though we slept until 10:30! That’s super late for us to sleep in, even though we got to bed around 2:30 Sunday morning. I guess we just needed it!

I spent most of Sunday morning and early afternoon doing laundry and working in my garden and orchard. I picked one and a half gallons of tomatoes, half a quart of blackberries, and nearly 5 gallons of peaches. I was super lazy and never got a sprayer for my fruit tree spray, and as a result the stupid beetle bugs have attacked most of my peaches. I’m hoping I have enough to make some peach jelly from, and I picked them before they were 100% ripe and have set them out, so hopefully they will ripen up over the next day or so before peeling and juicing them all.

After all that I decided to go hiking on the Clark portion of the Lewis & Clark trail. I hiked it last year in the fall the correct direction, but a lot of people hike it in the opposite direction, so that’s what I did yesterday. It didn’t feel quite as hilly as hiking it the correct way, but there are still some definite climbs during the hike! There were also a few downed trees across the trail from recent storms, but I was able to go around them or climb over them with really no big issues. It was pretty humid in some spots but the closer you got to the end of the hike the nicer the breeze was to blow some of that humid air away!

I did remember to take some photos so here you go!


It’s almost like hiking in a rain forest!
The river through the trees. There are spot where you can hike out and get better photos, but I was ready to get back to my car!
Ankle turners!
The most bottom point on the trails. This is were the Lewis and Clark trails split, so that the Lewis trail adds on another 3 or so miles.
So much greenery!
One of the bridges you cross. The only real “official” bridge, however there are a few platform bridges that cross in places.
Not compensated or anything, but if you are considering a double-walled beverage container, get one! I love my S’well bottles and this one kept my water nice and cold for my entire hike! As did the one I left in my car for the post hike!
Off trail views
A little slug I saw while making a detour around a fallen tree.

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