Lincoln County Fair 5k Race Recap

This Saturday I ran the Lincoln County Fair 5k. This is my race recap!

Since this race is in my hometown, I didn’t have to get up super early to drive to the start line to pick up my packet. They offered packet pickup two night before the race, but it was during times when I would already be busy at the fair, so I just opted to grab my stuff race morning instead.


Shirt design & color
Shirt design & color

The race hasn’t been ran in 17 years! I’ve lived in Lincoln County nearly all my life and had never heard of this race, but that’s not totally surprising since the last time it was run was in 1999 and technology hadn’t really taken off yet! Plus, I was just a wee little high school freshman back in those days, so I wasn’t really on the up and up of the race scene.

Pre-race I downed a bottle of water and a Huma energy gel, while I had my hand-held bottle filled with watermelon Nuun.


I finally bought a race number belt so I wouldn’t have to mess with safety pins and them tearing holes in my workout gear. I like to invest in quality pieces, so it makes me sad when I tear a little hole in my legging or tights because of safety pins. But no more!

The race was supposed to start at 7:30 but we started a bit late because the race director gave a little emotional speech before hand and the police escort cars were a bit late to the start. But it wasn’t too awful. It was a super small race, with only 94 entrants and 80 finishers because some people chose not to come to the race. You honestly couldn’t have asked for a nicer day to run the race. The humidity hadn’t gotten up there yet and there was a pretty decent breeze for most of the race.

I knew most of the course pretty well, and knew that the second half of it was going to be composed of several uphill climbs, so I want to conserve my energy for those so that I didn’t peter out and have to walk a bunch. The first half was slightly downhill, but nothing majorly noticeable. Mile one went through some residential only areas and was pretty shady. I tried to rein it in and keep myself from passing a bunch of people on the get go, which was what I wanted to do, since I was feeling pretty good. I had been worried because Thursday night we poured beer at the auction and I was standing all night and I felt the effects of that in my legs and my back. So I spent most of Friday with some compression sleeves on and I think it helped do the trick! Mile one came in at 14:42 for me.

Course views
Course views

Mile two finished out the residential area and moved into a mostly commercial area with zero shade. It was also kind of a closed in area since there were two big factories and then a retaining wall that ran for a portion of the mile, so it didn’t feel like too much air was moving. The second mile of any race is STILL my struggle point for whatever reason, so I felt like I was moving a lot slower this round, coming in at 15:40.

About a third of the way into mile two, the climbs started. There were a couple short downhill sections and flat parts, but for the most part it was a steady uphill climb. Which is almost worse than a short, steeper hill! I just kept telling myself that someone was standing at the top towing me up with a rope and I think mentally that really helped.

Mile three felt a bit better than mile two, although there isn’t much of a pace difference, considering it came in at 15:39. At this point we were running on one of the main thorough fares in town, so we had to deal with a few passing cars but most people gave us plenty of room. I did not want to mess up my tangents or trip on something unexpected by taking my race to the sidewalk, so I stuck with the roadway and dealt with it. It wasn’t too bad, really. Once we turned onto the road that would take us back into the park and two the finish, the police car that had been there for the race leaders was waiting for us and for a while I got to pretend like I was leading a race running right behind it! Corny right? But it was fun! At this point in time, I realized I had way more left than I thought I would so I began to pick up the pace and battle it out a bit with this girl who was next to me. I had passed her, and then she passed me, and then I passed her again and just started hauling butt towards the finish line. Then it was through the line to have my tag collected and get my medal and a water. img_3041img_3042

I actually stuck around the awards ceremony and it was nice! The race director got a little choked up when he was thanking everyone for coming out and participating, which was sweet! You could tell he really put a lot of time in to the race and that it was his baby. It was such a nice little race and I’m looking forward to hopefully doing it again next year!

Final stats-

Tag Time-47:57

Tag Pace-15:28/mile

Garmin time-47:50

Garmin pace-15:14/mile

Overall placement 66/80 finishers

Gender placement-38/49 Femalesimg_3045




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