Money Talk

So back in January, I posted about how Matt and I had sat down and gone over our financial stuff since we were building the new house and came up with how we would be handling bills moving forward. So far, the joint account has been doing great! I’ve been in charge of paying the bills out of it and it works pretty well, and we always have a nice balance cooking in there as well as our joint savings account. I always feel very adult when I look at that account and see how responsible we’ve been with it and everything.

Then I look at my account. And I don’t feel so adult.

I did really well for the first three months, keeping track and getting my bill paying schedule down. I even paid off a credit card before leaving for Italy, and have paid it off a couple of times since then. But then I decided I didn’t need to keep track anymore. And of course, everything went to shit.

I got off my bill paying schedule, I went into the negative, I borrowed money from the joint account and then put it back with the next paycheck, but that was asking to start a troubling cycle of constantly borrowing money. Which SUCKS!

So, it’s mid-year and it’s time to buckle down and get back on track with everything. I do have one card that will be paid off soon, because it was the financing for when we bought our new bed a few Christmases ago, and it was offered at zero percent. So the balance on that is actually rather low, and I’m thinking of looking into paying it off sooner rather than later, so that I can have the funds used for that to put towards other debts or just have that extra bit free to use.

Raise time is coming up in September, so that a good thing, too! I always feel like I’m struggling so much! I’ve been trying to budget my grocery money a little better, and menu plan from week to week vs month to month because maybe that will make it a little easier to come up with meal ideas?

At any rate, payday is on Friday, which means I get a chance to get sorted back out and get back on track paying bills and keeping track of my spending. I know at 31 (almost 32!) I should have a better sense of finance, but for whatever reason, be it laziness or stubborn stupidity, I can’t seem to get my shit together on this! It’s so frustrating!



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