Almost Time…

For our annual Lake vacation!

For the past several years, we’ve gone down to the Lake with a group of friends and stayed at our friend’s family lake cabin. Most of the time it’s super nice and relaxing (there have been a few years where I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation!) and I am totally ready for it this year. Even though I’m a little nervous because they are going to be starting on a few projects around the new house that I wish I could be there to see. But I guess I will live!

In the mean time, I’ve been skipping my workouts this week because I had a cooking class on Monday that I totally forgot about until Adam reminded that afternoon, then Tuesday it poured rain and stormed complete with thunder and lightning. Yesterday we met with the plumber for a walk through of the house for rough-in purposes. Then we had to run a couple of errands. Tonight I am going to focus on cleaning up the house and packing some of my stuff up tonight and laundering all the laundry to be laundered before we leave. Generally, I’m one of those people who packs totally last-minute, even though I make a packing list days in advance. But I’m trying to be more organized and get stuff done so I’m not rushing around like a crazy person!

I’m really looking forward to using this trip as a time to reset and prepare for the rest of the year. I mentioned in my post yesterday that I needed to buckle back down on my financial goals, but I also need to buckle down on all my other goals as well. I know going on vacation just after declaring that I’m going to buckle down seems a little ridiculous, but this vacation doesn’t cost us a whole lot in the terms that we don’t have to pay for a hotel or lodging, we all split the grocery bill, and while we do go out to eat it’s really only a couple of times during the course of the vacation and everyone covers their own bill. So there’s an upside to it! Plus it will give me time to plan and prepare.

Anyways, posting will be light next week (if at all) because I will try to take little break from the Internets and read books and chill in the sunshine! See you when I get back!


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