Weekly Workout Recap May 13th-19th

Claim that I’m going to start posting these weekly and I fail on that immediately! Story of my life practically.

Anyways, on to the details.

I didn’t attend a single yoga class last week, because there were activities going on on Thursday and I didn’t get out of my chiropractor appointment until after class time on Tuesday. Saturday I biked and Sunday was Mother’s Day, so that took most of my day up with family stuff.

But I finally got on my bike on Saturday! After tons of rain and being restricted on my activities, the trail finally dried out enough and I got released to ride again. So I loaded my bike up and headed to the Katy Trail to hop on around Defiance.I figured I would head toward highway 40/Boone Bridge and see how I felt after so many miles and if I needed to turn around earlier than I was planning on. I stopped along the way at Weldon Springs just to rest for a bit, and made it to the Boone Bridge/Greenway Access before turning around. I snapped a quick picture and then got ready to head back to my car. I took off and realized my phone mount was pressing on my volume button which was causing it to block my screen (and mute my phone). I stopped to fix that and only unclipped one foot from the pedals. I wasn’t paying attention to my foot position in my right pedal, so when I went to take off again, I didn’t have anything to push against to get going because my foot was at the bottom of my pedal stroke. So yeah, one year after getting clipless pedals and I topple over from a stand still. I was able to get my foot unclipped before I got too far over, so that I didn’t completely eat it on my side and could use my leg to break my fall a bit, but I still got a nice little scrape wound by my knee. My overall distance wound up being 15.66 miles in 1:35. Can’t wait to bike again!

Since I biked on Saturday, I moved my run to Sunday, and ran a 24 minute easy run consisting of a 2 minute warm up (.08 mile avg pace 25:49/mile), 6 minutes running (.41 miles avg pace 14:32/mile), 2 minutes walking recovery (.09 miles avg pace 22:29/mile), 6 minutes running (.40 miles avg pace 15:09/mile), 2 minutes walking recovery (.09 miles avg pace 23:05/mile), 6 minutes running (.40 miles avg pace 14:59/mile), and a 6 minute cool down (.27 miles avg pace 22:31/mile) for a total of 1.73 miles at a 17:21/mile pace. My lower left side of my back and left quad/hamstring were getting pretty cranky towards the end, but I felt pretty good overall.

Monday was a 15 minute recovery run with a 5 minute cool down where I covered .88 miles during my 15 minute run at a pace of 17:04/mile and during my cool down I covered .28 miles at a pace of 23:57/mile for a total distance of 1.16 miles at an average pace of 18:44/mile.

Wednesday I ran again with a workout consisting of a 25 minute easy run with one 10 minute running segment (.63 miles avg pace 15:49/mile), 5 minutes walking recovery (.21 miles avg pace 23:30/mile), 10 more minutes running (.58 miles avg pace 17:22/mile), and a 5 minute cool down (.22 miles avg pace 22:23/mile) for a total distance of 1.64 miles at 18:15/mile. This run was hot and windy, and I was definitely facing a gusty head wind on the return portion of my run which sucked big time.

And that pretty much wraps up my works for the past week! No yoga, but biking and hitting my running workouts for a third week in a row. Woohoo! Now that running is getting a bit more consistent, I can’t wait to get my yoga schedule locked back down.


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