Workout Recaps-May 20th-June 2nd

So the past couple weeks were a little on the rough side as far as running goes. So let’s just jump right into it!

May 20th (Saturday)-I drove to Eldon to visit my friend Amy, who just recently had a baby. We went to lunch and then headed out to her family lake house to go kayaking for a bit. We kayaked for about an hour, maybe a bit more and then hung out some. After that, I drove back home and that was that. I had a run scheduled for this day, but I decided to move it to Sunday since I was going to be on the road quite a bit and then visiting with friends.

May 21st (Sunday)-I had a 15 minute easy run on the schedule which I wanted to get done with kind of early since we were having a few people over later that evening for a shrimp boil. It was a little on the chilly side, but I managed to run 1 mile in 14:48 and then had a short cool down. I was pretty excited because this is the first mile I’ve completed in a time similar to what I was clocking before last years half marathon. But that was probably the last good running day I had for the next two weeks. Total workout time was 17:55 for a total distance of 1.14 miles.

May 22nd (Monday)- I had a run scheduled for today, but I was feeling kind of crappy so I chose to move it to Tuesday and vegged out on the sofa at home.

May 23rd (Tuesday)-I actually have this run titled as a garbage run in the Garmin data. It was supposed to be a steady run (5 minutes easy pace, 5 minutes going a little faster, then 5 minutes easy pace), but I don’t know. It was just complete crap. I don’t know if it was because this is the first time I’ve really encountered humidity while running this year or if it was the fact that I was in the beginning of a rough go with, ehem, lady things, but it was just crap. 1.15 miles in 20 minutes (15 minutes running, 5 minute cool down).

May 24th (Wednesday)-I did a 36 minute easy run at a new to me place near Weldon Springs. I was still feeling pretty crappy, so I don’t think it went to well. My lower back was really feeling it during this run, which was also my longest run to date with this training plan. I averaged 17:54/mile for a total of 2.09 miles with a very short (like one minute) cool down walk to my car. Not 100% awful, but I was still feeling pretty cruddy.

May 25th-June 2nd-Nothing. Nada. Zilch. I skipped all my runs, didn’t even go to yoga, just sat around feeling very bum-like. I was a little disappointed in myself for skipping the whole weeks worth of runs, but I’ve managed to get over it since then. I think it was a combination of my lower back being so out of whack (I went to my chiropractor on the 30th, and my pelvis was so out of alignment that one leg was nearly two inches short than the other one) and then going through TWO FREAKING WEEKS of lady things. Sorry dudes who just might happen to read here, but these things happen.

I need to work on getting back to yoga classes, and I also want to work on foam rolling and such, so those are things to focus on this month for sure. But I am also glad to say that I am back on track as far as my training plan goes and I also had a chiropractor appointment yesterday that went really well. I was a very tiny bit out of whack, with one leg only being a quarter of an inch short this time around. So, big improvement! I’ll be back soon with another work out recap.


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