Weekly Workout Recap-June 3rd-9th

I made it back to running this week!

Saturday, we spent the morning hanging out on our almost finished new deck, which was so nice! Other than the fact that we really didn’t have any patio/outdoor furniture so I was sitting on a dog bed with the dogs. But I was still comfortable, so that’s all that really matters. Then we loaded up and headed out to the Lake for the annual Testicle Festival that happens there every year. It’s a fundraiser for the local Jaycees, in which they do serve testicles (or Rocky Mountain Oysters). I helped my friend Amy sell 50/50 tickets benefiting the Missouri Honor Flights for veterans. She is a nurse practitioner who has flown on a couple of the honor flights to DC, being an on site medic in the event that the veterans need something.

So, long story short, no running on Saturday.

Sunday, I did a 30 minute easy run with a short cool down. It was pretty muggy feeling, since I waited until 11-ish. Also, this was my first run back after the really crappy running, and then not running, so I took it pretty easy. I completed 1.81 miles in all, and my first mile was at an average pace of 17:16/mile. A little slower than I would have liked, but I felt pretty decent during that mile. I was also struggling with major short roll up. For some reason the Nike tempo shorts roll up in the back which makes it hard to pull down/ride up worse on my legs. Sometimes they roll up, sometimes they don’t.

Monday, I had intervals scheduled. I actually title this run Assassin Mosquito Intervals in Garmin and Strava, because I ran on the Katy in the Weldon Springs area and it was fucking terrible for mosquitoes.  I’ve never had an issue really with them on the trail, but this year that area is still fairly soggy from recent floods, so it makes the perfect breeding ground for them. If I am going to run there I will need to invest heavily in some good bug spray.

Back to the intervals-There was a 15 minute warm up that I broke up into 5 minutes walking, 5 minutes running and then 5 minutes walking again (.76 miles avg pace 19:36/mile). Then my intervals were 3 minutes running with 2 minutes walking recovery. First interval was .23 miles avg pace 12:59, second interval .21 miles avg pace 14:24, third interval .19 miles avg pace 15:35, and final interval .18 miles at 16:26. By the last to intervals I was sick of getting bitten by bugs and just over it. I did my first interval way too fast, and my recovery periods were probably a little faster than they should have been as well, since I was trying to move quicker in hopes of deterring the mosquitoes (fun fact-it didn’t work). Overall, I completed 1.92 miles in 35:01 including warm up and cool down.

Tuesday-nothing! I haven’t been motivated to really go to yoga lately, and I’ve had quite a bit to do at home as well.

Wednesday, I had a 30 minute run workout scheduled that consisted of 25 minutes running with a 5 minute warm up. I covered 1.78 miles with my avg pace for my first mile hitting 16:50/mile. It’s been a bit of struggle to get my time down since that first mile under 15 minutes, but I’ve also been running during warmer, sunnier times than when that happened, so I’ll take it.

Thursday and Friday I didn’t do anything other than chill and work on laundry, so that wraps up my week in workout!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Cassie says:

    Are there any races you’re thinking about doing?

    1. Stephanie says:

      Yes! I am going to do two 5k’s next month, one for the 4th and then another local race in my town.

  2. The heat is definitely an adjustment for all of us I think! Good luck with your races next month 😊.

    1. Stephanie says:

      Thanks! Yeah, some days it doesn’t seem like it bothers me and other days it’s like why the eff do I even do this!

      1. I think as runners we ask ourselves “why the eff do I even do this!?” Almost daily, right? I asked myself it in the middle of my run on Sunday. Then a half hour or so after I was done I thought “ah, it wasn’t that bad.” The runner’s high is real 😍.

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