Workout Recaps-January 1st-7th

And we’re back with our weekly workout recaps! I enjoyed doing these last year when I started running again after being released by my chiropractor, so I decided to do them again as a way to keep my motivation up. I seriously slacked off/got lazy/felt too overwhelmed in the last half of the year that I let running and yoga seriously fall to the wayside. In reality I should have tried harder to keep these things up, because they probably would have helped tremendously with how I was feeling.

Anyways-on to the workouts!

Monday Jan 1st- Nothing. I was a pretty big bum that day although I did make my lunches and snacks for the rest of the week.

Tuesday Jan 2nd- 2 mile run & yogahour

I forgot to grab my Garmin out of my car and charge it the night before, so I just used Strava to track my run. I struggled internally because it was pretty effing cold out, but I managed to get my run done. It turned out to be some of my fastest miles to date with an average pace of 14:20/mile and finishing up in 29:53. Then I hit up yogahour with a new to me teacher. It felt nice to hit my mat again and I enjoyed the class even though I didn’t feel quite as sweaty as I normally would with other teachers.

Wednesday Jan 3rd-Nothing again. I moved my running days to Tuesdays & Thursdays since I will be starting tax season up again soon.

Thursday Jan 4th- 2 mile run & yogahour

This time I did have my Garmin, although I didn’t really look at it, again because it was so chilly out. I don’t particularly know if it was colder out or if I was just more tired, but this run did not go as well as Tuesday’s, even though it was the same route. I finished up two miles in 32:52 with an average pace of 16:24/mile. After my run I headed into yogahour with Megan, which was a much warmer class than Tuesday’s and I felt that I got a bit deeper into my stretches that the class before as well.

Friday Jan 5th-Nothing, other than pick up my bib and swag for my race on Saturday.

Saturday Jan 6th- 5 mile race.

Talk about cold! These were by far the coldest temps I have ever run in. My sweat was freezing on my eyelashes and eyebrows. My Buff that I was wearing around my neck would freeze when I pulled it down during my walk breaks. It was super chilly for sure! I will post more about the race in a race recap, but overall my time was 1:25:43 with an average pace of 17:13/mile.

Sunday Jan 7th- Just rested all day. I was going to do some yoga at home but never got around to it. I just spent the day doing laundry and some dishes and being a bit of a bum. It felt nice to really sleep in, as I haven’t really had the chance to in a while!

So that wraps up my week in workouts! Ultimately, my goal is to workout 6 days a week, but I want to build up to that so I have a better chance of sticking with it, rather than attempting to do it all at once.


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