Life Update Number 457

I know I’m being a little ridiculous with that post title, but it feels like all I do lately is post random life updates here and there. But-I’m hoping to get back on a more regular posting schedule here within the next couple of weeks.

Things have been quietly hectic in my life lately, and led to a lot of anxiety and stress which had left me feeling not very motivated to do anything, let alone type up blog posts. So rather than phone it in, or post a bunch of half-hearted or negative posts, I just decided to take a small break from writing.

But now I’m working on coming back!

I just kicked off training for the Mo’ Cowbell Half Marathon a couple weeks ago, which is exciting after the shitshow that was the Go! this year. It’s even a bit more exciting because I kind of have a training partner this time around! My good friend Amy is also doing the race this fall, so we’ve been sending each other SnapChat updates on how our training has been going. She lives closer to the Lake, so we can’t actually training together physically, but the little snap updates are nice and actually motivating.

I’m loosely following a Hal Higdon training program, but instead of running three days during the week, I’m swapping one of those out for a bike ride. I’ve also been doing yoga at home for the time being and am looking forward to hopefully getting back into the studio soon.

I’m also glad because it seems like all of our busyness is behind us now. Like we don’t have any parties, vacations, or weddings that are coming up, so it will be nice just to have the weekends and weeknights to do things we want to do versus having to rush around and do a bunch of other stuff.

Hunting season is also coming up in another month and a halfish. So I will be getting my bow out more often and shooting that as well as working with the baby dog a bit more. I failed at really getting him socialized properly. He’s great with people, but a little on the hesitant side when it comes new or slightly scary things. But, that’s all stuff we can work on.

So, that’s my quick little life update! I’ll post more on what is going on, updates on my workouts and training, and other stuff soon!



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