Sorry, sorry, sorry for being such a shit blogger!

I have tons of stuff I want to share with you, but I’ve been busy with another project, plus I’ve been struggling with a lot of tiredness during the day lately, so blogging hasn’t been a big priority at the moment.  It’s kind of been one of those things where I think about writing a post, but then the thought of trying to string together words coherently is just exhausting.

So, quickly addressing the tiredness issue. I’m not really clear on what’s causing it. I feel like I am getting fairly decent sleep at night, although I have been waking up with some hip pain on the side I will be laying on.I was also dealing with waking up super sweaty in the middle of the night, but have since changed to just a light quilt, so that has been helping there. I made a coffee this morning, so we shall see if that has any effect on the sleepiness I feel in the afternoon. I’m working on getting my shit sorted to make sure I am taking all my medicines and vitamins like I’m supposed to (I am really terrible about it), so once I manage that for a month and if this issue is still persisting, I will be contacting my thyroid doctor to probably review my dosage of my thyroid meds and/or looking into additional issues. I’ve been cleaning up my diet as well, even though it’s not perfect, I don’t think it’s 100% behind the tiredness.

Moving on from that-running and workouts!

Running has felt ridiculously hard lately. Especially since the half-marathon that wasn’t. Some days feel a little easier, but most days still feel like a slog. I have started trail running, which has  been fun! I’ve only encountered snakes a few times, and two of those times they were just wee little guys (although still venomous) and the other time was last nights run, when two girls told me about a “Copperhead” that was right next to the path in the grass. Turns out it was just a black or rat snake. He was pretty chill to just slither across the path and continue on his merry way. So, trail running also makes me a lot more vigilant! I’ve been pretty consistent with my running and have only really missed a few runs here and there. So that’s been good as well. Yoga is a different story all together. I haven’t been to the studio in ages, and I’ve only been practicing a bit a home. I did *finally* purchase a book about yoga sequencing, so that’s been helpful. I also took an aerial yoga class and loved it so much that I got an aerial yoga hammock for home. So I’ve been playing on that a bit as well. Plus, doing some yoga sculpt here and there. I would definitely like to be a little more consistent in my practice, so that’s something to work towards.

I finally got the bike out for a ride last month as well. And then it seemed like the weather was either really shitty or I had too much going on to get back out for a ride. I keep telling myself I am also going to start riding on Wednesdays but, obviously that hasn’t happened yet. I’m pretty sure that riding in a thunderstorm is not recommended.

So that’s just kind of a what I’ve been doing the past month life dump there. I’m nearing the deadline for completing my project I’ve been working on, so hopefully I will be able to get back into the swing of things with blogging. I have lots to share with you, including some recipe and product reviews!


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  1. bribikes says:

    Sorry to hear that you are dealing with fatigue…ugh, that’s no fun! Sending wishes of superhero levels of energy your way 🙂

    1. Stephanie says:

      Thank you! I have been feeling a little better-I did have a coffee yesterday morning and today and I didn’t/haven’t felt that all-encompassing tiredness yet, so maybe that was it? I still need to sharpen up my food stuffs just for general health reasons. I also worry about caffeine addiction, because I was totally addicted to it for a while and kicking it was a lot of work!

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