Workout Recap 7/23-7/29



So yeah-this is gonna be a little short on the recap version because I only did one workout last week, which was my long run on Saturday.

Saturday July 28th-5 Mile Long Run 1:29:35 17:54/mile

So I didn’t even really feel like doing five miles when I got up Saturday morning, but I was snapping with Amy and she told me to just do the five. I figured I’d head out for at least three and evaulate how I felt at the halfway point for the three miles and then go from there. Since I wasn’t feeling too awful I went a head and did the entire five miles that I had on my training plan. It wasn’t pretty but I got them done.

I felt kind of worn out and anxious/overwhelmed all week last week, and it really made me feel like not doing anything. To be perfectly honest, ever since being put on the sidelines by my chiropractor, I’ve been very frustrated with how I’ve been coming back.

I was doing really well the year before, getting back on track after stalling out during the house build. But then I had my jaw pain, and my chiro pretty much banned me from doing anything other than swimming for 20-ish minutes. Which since I don’t have access to an indoor pool without having to pay for it, I didn’t do. So for several months, the most activity I could do was barely walk around my yard with my dogs. And that led to gaining more weight (thanks hashimoto’s!), which led to being even more tired and sluggish feeling, which has now lead to losing pretty much any and all progress I had made running and yoga wise.

So really, saying I’m frustrated doesn’t really cover how frustrated I really am. And I know it’s up to me to make the changes I need to make, but man I was doing so well, and then to have it all go back to even beyond square one is just devastating. I’m heavier now that I’ve ever been, I have aches and pains that I haven’t had before (thanks aging!), and the thought of trying to get back to where I was is almost just too much. But, I know I have a choice to let myself stagnate here, and be miserable, or actually do something about it.

So, even though it sucks and its hard and at times I’m going to hate it, I’m making the choice to DO something rather than be a bum.


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