Workout Recap: July 30th-August 5th

This week went quite a bit better than last week as far as getting my work outs in went. So let’s jump in!

Monday, July 30th-Max Trainer Intervals 14:00

We got a Bowflex Max Trainer about a month ago, and while I haven’t used it too much, it does do a pretty good HITT workout. And it’s much more of a workout than it appears to be!

Tuesday, July 31st-nada

Should have been a four mile workout, but I wound up getting distracted and then it was too late to head out for my run before the parks closed up.

Wednesday, August 1st- 2 Mile Run with Hill Work 34:08 17:02/mile

This should have been a four mile run, but it was warm and since Axel turned two, he’s old enough to start running with me. So this was his first official run, and he did pretty decent. He had his puppy brain moments and pulled me here and there to get his sniffs and pees in, but after a bit he started heeling and keeping pace with me. I was pretty pleased with this run, mile 1 coming in at 17:11 and mile 2 coming in at 16:55. I’m looking forward to progressing with Axel and running with him, especially once it gets cooler!

Thursday, August 2nd-Stormed out

I had planned to do 3 miles after work, but a pretty nice little storm front moved through the area when I got there, and didn’t move out until it was too late to get my miles in, eat dinner, and then perform in my concert. I’ll run in the rain, but not 20 mile an hour gusts, lightening, and torrential downpour.

Friday, August 3rd-Scheduled Rest Day

Saturday, August 4th- Expanding Yoga Class w/ Emily 75 minutes & 3 Mile “Long” Run 59:25 19:47/mile

I finally made it back to Blue Bird for yoga! Class with Emily was great and we really worked on opening up our hips, which I really needed. I felt amazing after class.

For my run, I had been hoping to get out and get my 6 miles in before yoga, but that didn’t happen because I am a shit planner. So I decided to get them in after yoga, but the weather had other plans. We had been having great weather for late July/early August, but that ended pretty quickly after Thursday. I headed out and it said that it was 88º with a real feel of 92º. I tried to find the shadiest location possible, but it was still just too hot out to do the whole 6. I had planned on finishing up the last three miles later in the day, but Matt and I had an impromptu date night instead.

Sunday, August 5th-nada

I focused on meal prepping, grocery shopping, and picking up around the house instead of getting a bike or hike in. I had thought about hiking, but the temps were just staying a little too high for my liking. Maybe it makes me a baby, but I’d rather not risk heat stroke!

So that wraps up this past weeks workouts! I’m going to put a little poll in here and ask for some feedback from you guys, so if you could please, please respond using it, I’d really appreciate it!



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