30 Day Challenge: Skin Care pt 2

You know what that title means! Another round of awkward selfies coming at your courtesy of moi!

First things first, I’m not going to lie and say I was perfect with my skin care routine. I’ve been sick since coming back from Oahu, and just finally have been feeling human again since Monday. So there were several nights were it was just a quick wipe with a face wipe and then a little moisturizer because I just was not up to the whole wash, rinse, moisturize, and eye cream nonsense.

That being said, I have noticed a little difference in my skin. Here are this weeks pictures, which I took in my office facing at work facing my windows.

You can see in the close-ups, that I still have some clogged pores, but that it looks like there is a lot of gunk that is working its way up to the surface and out, probably from the combination of using the cleanser and the peel pads. Especially along my chin area and on my cheeks near my nose, which is where I have some of the worst congestion in my skin. I haven’t noticed a huge decrease in blackheads along my nose and for head yet, but if I had been 100% on point with my regime, I would probably be seeing a bigger dent there.



Now for the comparison shots! When I look at my entire face, I can see that my complexion is definitely not as dull as it was a week ago. I can see that some of my acne scarring is lifting a tiny bit and my under eye area isn’t *quite* as bad. I have been trying to get back on my water drinking train, but it’s been difficult to get myself back to drinking water, which I think would help with the under eye baggage quite a bit.

Day 1 on the left, Day 7 on the right


I’m not seeing much of a difference in my “wrinkles” yet, maybe a little tiny bit? It’s hard to say. From here on out, I will probably take my photos by a window for natural light, since I think that makes for a better picture. I think my pores look a tiny bit smaller in the top photos as well…I’m looking forward to checking out the results after 14 days!

Day 1 on the bottom, Day 7 on the top

Again-this post isn’t sponsored by anyone. Just giving it a whirl to see how it will all shake out. Also, sorry I didn’t get this posted up right at the 1 week mark, I kind of got distracted with some photo sessions I needed to edit!


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