Workout Recap: March 25th-31st

Back again with workout recaps!

After yogaing all the yoga there was to yoga for January, I attempted a run streak in February, but only made it about halfway through before weather, illness, maple syruping, and vacation planning caught up with me and running fell to the way side. Then, right before we left for vacation, I was cleaning up the house and moved my Garmin *somewhere* and still to this day nearly four weeks later, can not find it to save my life. So I spent the two weeks after vacation being sick and recovering from that all while searching high and low for my watch. Now that I’m finally better, I’m ready to start working out and running and such again. So here’s what I did last week:

Monday- Rested and started scheduling runs (and made one last attempt at Garmin searching)

Tuesday- 1.5 mile run

I’m following Hal Higdon’s Novice 5k Program, just to start working my mileage back up after such a long break. Since I didn’t have my watch, I relied on the Strava app to track my mileage and running time. According to it I managed to average 14:25/mile for pace, and I took a one minute walk break at about 1.25 miles. I felt shockingly good on this run, especially for not running in so long, but we did walk a lot on vacation so maybe that helped?

Strava Data



Thursday- 1.5 mile run

Run number two for the training plan. I still didn’t have a watch at this point so for this run I used both the Runtastic app and the Strava app. Runtastic is nice because it gives you two decimal places while Strava only gave me one, making it a little more difficult to gauge when I needed to turn around. I ran at a new to me park, which was super pretty even though it was rainy out. It was also a little more hilly than I am used to, but according to Runtastic, I managed a 14:43/mile pace with a one minute walk break just after the first mile. I could definitely feel those little hills at the end of the run!

Runtastic Data


Friday- official rest day

Saturday-nothing, moved my run to Sunday as we had all day birthday plans with my dad.

Sunday-1.5 mile run

Sunday morning Matt and I ran around and did some errands. One of those errands was stopping at Fleet Feet and getting myself a new Garmin! I still had some money left over from vacation, so I was able to use that to purchase a new watch. I got the Forerunner 645 music, although I probably won’t be using the music feature on it. So after we got home on Sunday, I took it out for it’s maiden voyage. I was definitely feeling a little fatigued and I was having a caffeine withdrawal headache (my bad!) so I was for sure a little on the slower side. I average a pace of 15:22/mile, so not too awful, but a full minute slower than with the other two apps.

Garmin Data


It was definitely interesting to compare all three modes of activity tracking, and I would be curious to see what they would say if I used all three perfectly in sync for a run. But that would be crazy hard to do, considering I’d never be able to start all three things at the exact same time!


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