Life & Where’s it’s been going


Well, hello. I’ll apologize for my absence and the fact that my 30 days of skin care posts did not get finished to start us off, and then I’ll fill you in on what’s been going on since my last update.

So, we covered that I went to Oahu (which I will definitely have some vacation posts up for you soon), flew back home sick, got a little better, then got sick again, right?


Well what I didn’t tell you guys was that my grandma had gone into the hospital while we were gone on vacation and stayed for nearly a month before she passed away at the beginning of April. She didn’t want the whole funereal she-bang, so we had a simple memorial service-like event at my parents house for her the following week. Then work was crazy, because my parents went out of town and I was running the office, which meant a lot of back and forth between my office and their offices getting things ready to ship and all that fun jazz. Then when they got back, it was straight into closing out the month of April.

Just before finishing all that, my mom had a test scheduled to check her heart function. And three days later, she underwent quadruple bypass surgery. She came through wonderfully and is already at home recovering there, so that basically catches us up to now!

So, again, I apologize for not finishing my 30 Days: Skin Care posts (I’ll restart them, if there is interest!) and for being quite absent, but know that I’ll be back soon with some great post for you!


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