Workout Recaps-May 25th-June 2nd

I actually have workouts to post about! So exciting!

Saturday, May 25th

3 Mile Run

So this was my first run since the Make Tracks 5k and it was a total slog. Humidity was at 78% so that made running not too much fun. Humidity is honestly worse than heat in my opinion. It just makes the air feel so thick and heavy. I did walk quite a bit on the second mile because I had to go to the bathroom and I had a good chunk of distance to cover before I got to the next one, plus there was the most adorable little girl who wanted to have a nice little chat. So I slowed down more to talk with her. Also, I didn’t get out quite as early as I had wanted to (story of my life I swear), so that didn’t help the humidity levels either.

Tuesday, May 28th

2 Mile Run

I had originally planned to do three miles, but time just wasn’t on my side so I settled for two. I left work later than planned and wound up sitting in a mess of traffic after making a stop by my parent’s house to drop off some paperwork. Not my best time, but the first mile was relatively all uphills and I was working on staying in threshold or aerobic range with my heart rate. Plus, I stopped to pick up a few pieces of trash along the route.

I had originally also planned to run on Thursday, but my car was done at the body shop, so I picked that up and actually made dinner at home for once.

Saturday, June 1st

3 Mile Run

I kicked June off in a good fashion, which you will see about in just a minute! I headed out and did three miles after waiting for the pest company guy to stop by and treat the house. Honestly, one of the best investments we’ve made because we rarely have issues with spiders, mice, or other pests anymore. But as a result, it only got warmer and warmer on my run. I started strong and definitely was fading toward the end, but I was also on a stretch that didn’t provide much shade and the humidity was climbing and the sun was blazing. I’m not too upset with my efforts, because it’s going to take time to build back up to where I had gotten and I know this even though I am constantly frustrated with it.

Sunday, June 2nd

8.1 Mile Bike Ride

First bike ride of the year, finally! I had taken the bikes to get serviced and it’s been raining and I haven’t had my car for a while so I didn’t have my bike rack to go riding. Plus, a lot of the Katy trail is flooded right now, so it would be hard to get a consistent ride in on it. But now that I have my car back and my bike is ready to go, I’ll be trying to ride on Sundays and Wednesdays! It felt good to get out there, although we had quite the headwind on the out portion and it didn’t feel like much of a tailwind on the way back. We did go down to see the floodwaters that cover a portion of this trail, which kind of sucked because it would have been nice to have a longer ride. But we had things to do, so just this little short eight miler it was!

Since my sister is getting married this year, I’m not training for anything other than the wedding, lol! But also, on a more serious note, after seeing my mom go through her bypass surgery, I really want to make an effort to shed some weight and get healthier this year. So that leads me to these next photos, which are kind of scary for me to put out here in the blog-o-sphere. But I recently got the BodyBoss workout plan and have decided it’s time to kick it into gear. So here are my beginning photos (eek!) and I will post new photos that I’ll take on July 1st and hopefully we will all see some changes! I don’t have my starting stats on hand at the moment, but I will try to update next weeks workout recap with those for you if you are interested!


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