Life Update #4,528

Hello again, blog friends!

I can’t believe it’s been since June since I last posted. Huge apologies, I’ve been very busy trying to plan content and many other things that have happened along the way. I’ve been trying to plan my sister’s bachelorette party, planned and hosted her bridal shower, gone (mostly) gluten-free, AND had my first ever official surgery (nothing serious, I have a blog post planned about it!).  Every time I sat down to write a post, something came up, or I completely blanked on words.

I’ve been working on a few projects that I’ve been trying to complete, but life and general stress have been getting in my way. Or, at the very least, I’ve been allowing those things to get in the way and really get me down. Stress and anxiety can surely do a number on you! Slowly but surely, I’m working towards having my shit in some semblance of order, because let’s be honest with ourselves here: Does anyone really have their shit 100% together? Because if you do, please come and get in my life ASAP.

Just over two weeks ago, I celebrated my 35th birthday. I also noticed that I now have forehead wrinkles when I raise my eyebrows. I didn’t have that before. I can’t tell if it’s just from the weight that I’ve gained in my face, or if it’s from getting older. I’m trying not to let it bother me too much, but it’s one of those weird things that pop up, or that you suddenly become aware of and it makes you think, “Ah fuck, gotta keep an eye on that now.”

My 34th year wasn’t my finest year. I struggled with a lot of things. Weight gain, frustrations with my lack of motivation, lack of progress, lack of willpower. Anxiety has been to visit several times over the past year, and each time it shows up, it seems to want to stick around a little longer. Self-doubt came along for the ride, too. I spent a good portion of the year never feeling quite good enough. I compared myself to others A LOT. Which, as we all know, is a recipe for absolute disaster. I’ve continually felt that whatever it is that I need to fix this one problem, you know the one thing that is holding you back from everything else, has been sitting just out of reach.  On the top shelf, just behind that dusty hatbox containing God only knows what, and there isn’t a step stool insight.

So, yeah. This past year, not exactly the best. But I survived it.

So for my 35th year on this planet, I’ve decided to be a bit nicer to myself. To try and not beat myself up as much.  Mistakes are ok because it’s fine and I’m just learning. To take inspiration instead of envy from those around me and to do more things that make me happy.  Even if that just means more face masks and outside time, and less hanging out with people who drain me. And most of all, to take the risks because even though other people might not see it or think it’s important, those things are important to me.

Thank you for reading, I do appreciate each and every one of you that stop by and take the time to check into my little corner of the internet.

See you soon!



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