New Year, New Blog

Hello everyone!

I know I’ve been quiet on here these past few weeks and for that, I apologize. I’ve been hinting and talking about s few projects that I’ve been working on this past year and tomorrow one of them launches in a big way!

From now on, you’ll be able to find me over at! 

I’ve been blogging here at Misadventures of Me for almost 10 years! And while I’ve made style changes here and there, I’ve never done a full-on rebrand. However, this past year I chose to start focusing more on my blog, and decided it was time to bite the bullet and make some big changes.

While I will always love this site and it will most likely remain active for some time, I am going to work on migrating some of my more popular posts over to Amor et Vita, and hope that you will continue on this wild journey over at my new corner of the internet!

See you soon!


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