It’s Here! It’s Here!

Bachelorette Party Day!

My morning started off pretty good. I wanted to sleep in a bit more, but M was making such a ruckus, that I just got up and had some cereal and let the dogs out before BooBoo and I headed off to the park for our walk adventure.

It was really quite nice out  and the trail that we were on wasn’t really crowded. We stopped by the dog park after, and all I have to say is some people really need to learn how to control thier dogs…or at least pay attention to them while they are harrassing a dog they’ve never met.

Then I came home and worked with Cody outside a bit. It didn’t really go well because he was having a really hard time focusing, so mostly we just played fetch. Then I made some lunch and now I’m off to get ready for my party!


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