So Much Fun!

OMG, I had so much fun last night:)

Everything was awesome, the winery, the gag gifts (who wouldn’t want a Mr. Potatoe Head-esque Dicky Dick doll?), the pole dancing lessons, and a little bit of the Electric Cowboy. But very marginally so on the last one.

I got her some cute “just married” undies from VS as well as some edible chocolate body icing. Her sister “made” her a pair of crotchless undies and then bought her another pair. They served some awesome snacks at the winery and we had a whole table just to ourselves…although that didn’t stop folks from watching her open gifts and coming over to talk with us.

Then we rolled out and headed to Lindberg for the pole dancing lesson. I want to go back and take more classes! It was so much fun and really a hard workout! Much respect for the ladies who rock this stuff out.

Electric Cowboy was actually kind of lame…guys there were like hyena’s. You couldn’t leave any two girls alone at the table to dance or the next thing you knew you were surrounded by guys constantly hitting on you. I’m married, your “pimp game” is not a) going to work anyways and b) totally wasted on me.

I finally got home about 2 in the morning. Slept in way late, but still have had a pretty good day. Probably won’t get everything done, but oh well!


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