My Weekend

So did not go anywhere near as planned.

Friday night I had to work late, and then had dinner with my parents and M. M then pushed me to go get my nails did KT, which was fun. Saturday I woke up with all kinds of plans for my day, but all those got thrown out the window when I stopped by my in-laws to pick up my last two Block checks, and then got waylaid there.

Not a huge deal, because I haven’t spent a whole lot of time with my MIL, who I love dearly, in a while. Then we headed off to the FD banquet. After that we headed home super late, so the rest of the day was shot as well.

Sunday I had to get up early and go help my sister clean my mom and dad’s house because that’s what she wanted to do for my mom for mother’s day. Not like my house didn’t need cleaning or anything. I did get to stop of at a local garden/outdoor center and picked up some tomatoes for my containers. Exciting!!

Then we went to my grandparents where they gave us a bunch of stuff, and then we stopped back by the in-laws to give MIL her mother’s day gift. Then home where I had such a headache I didn’t get anything accomplished for pretty much the rest of the night…

Ugh, I hope I can be far more successful this week with everything, because I can’t stand another week like this past one!


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