I need to get my ass in gear and really start working out. I had a nice little walk with the dogs yesterday when we went out to the huge dog park we go to, but still. I had planned on running but by the time I got home, I had talked myself out of it because I was so hungry.

I didn’t do too bad on eating yesterday. I did have a whopper for lunch but I only had a whopper, with no cheese, instead of adding chicken fries or something to the order. Then I made some Hamburger Helper once we got home and while I was cooking that I had some chips and homemade salsa, with a little bit of cheese and sour cream (light!) and lean ground beef mixed in. So not too bad. But it could be a little better. Oh and I had a little bit of left-over jambalaya yesterday. I’m eating the rest for lunch.

This morning I had oatmeal for breakfast once I got to work and have also drank one entire bottle of water. I finally got my Camelbak Groove bottle that I talked about here.  I’ve been loving it so far, and have been drinking so much more water than before 🙂

Tonight I am beyond excited because we are going to one of my favorite restaurants, Gulf Shores. We found it last year, after M had read about it in a paper at work. So far I haven’t really been disappointed by anything there.  I’m debating on what I’m getting tonight. I know it will be seafood tacos, and one will be shrimp, but I don’t know if I was the other one to bed Cod or Blackened Mahi-Mahi tuna…it will probably wind up being the Cod, since sometimes places don’t cook the tuna very throughly. Either way I am super excited for it!

We are going for my FIL’s birthday today.


Pray for me 😉


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