Memorial Weekend & 5 Goals Recap


Well, I don’t know about you guys, but my Memorial Weekend was pretty entertaining. Even though I accomplished next to nothing 😉

Saturday was my grandparent’s auction. A lot of people came, and pretty much everything sold. M & I both got the things we were hoping to get, which is always nice. I actually got my own number and bid on things myself. I saw some people I knew, which in both ways is good and bad, because some were people I liked and others were people who I don’t particularly care for.

Sunday was pretty low-key. We didn’t do a whole lot, so not too much got accomplished (for me at least).

Monday, I got to go shoot my new shotgun. M, JW, and GH were totally awesome, because this is 1) the second time EVER for me to shoot a shot-gun, and b) the first time I have ever attempted to successfully aim and shoot something with a shot-gun. We each shot 100 rounds, M got a 61 (he’s a really good shot), GH got a 45 (which may or may not be totally fair, as I may have given him 1 or 2 that he didn’t actually hit), and JW shot a 42 (he had a new gun as well to try out). I shot a whopping 21! That’s right folks, out of 100 “birds” I managed to some how hit 21 of them 😉

Now for my goals recap (it will be short and sweet).


If you don’t remember my goals for May, you can read about them here.

So basically  because I’m a total loser/dork, I managed to fail pretty awesomely at each of my goals. I did not run, I did not workout otherwise, I started out strong with my water…but then I got waylaid with the soda 😦 , I didn’t get my house even remotely organized (in fact I now have more crap to organize and store). I did track all my spending for the month of May (I didn’t do as good with my spending as I would have liked) as well as tracked my spending for the first four months as well. So that one I did ok on. So since I sucked pretty badly at this set of goals this time, I’m going to go ahead and make those my goals for June as well.

So here’s to a new month, hopefully I’ll have something a little better to report for ya next time around!


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