No Running :(

I was so going to post yesterday about how it was National Running Day and how I was getting back on the wagon and blah blah blah, but then I was reminded that I had a tax class yesterday evening, which ate up pretty much my whole night…and managed to tick me off as well.

So, anyways, I didn’t get to run last night. Which sucked big time because I was all about the miles in a big way. Then I also found out when I got home, that we most likely won’t be going to the festival this year. Which is sad because it is generally a good time and we have gone for the last 4+ years. But M still might be going out there for the weekend to help mow hay, bale hay, cut fescue, plant beans, etc. So I would get the house to myself for the whole weekend!! Holla!

Also in other exciting news, we officially turned on the a/c over the holiday weekend. We went two+ months without it or the furnace running, which pleases me immensely. We will most likely only run it until mid-September, maybe early October. Other than that we suffer through hot or cold nights just like the olden days 😉

Anyways, I’m still feeling the urge to get out and run, so hopefully I won’t crash when I get home and actually get out there and put in a couple of miles. Because Lord knows I need it!

Also, I’m looking forward to organizing my closet again. I generally keep it fairly organized for about a week or so, and then I get tired of folding the never-ending parade of laundry that comes through and I start stuffing my t-shirts and stuff onto the shelves…it just needs a little help for certain!


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