Pretty Much Crazy…


So I finally got a battery for my heart rate monitor.

And before you say this is crazy, remember that I’m fat.

I burned 936 calories during my run last night. I went right after work when it was close to 95 degrees out (which was really kind of stupid, simply because I’m in no shape to be exercising in that kind of weather!). I ran 2.01 miles in 38:28 with an average pace of 19:14 per mile. Yeah, I walked. A LOT! But I still felt good that I went out there and got it done. And now I know that I can tough it out. But I think tonight I will wait until after 7 instead so that the temp has time to drop a tiny little bit.

So my plans for this evening are, doctor’s appointment, take the dogs out, then run when I get home. Plus I need to start working on packing for my trip to the Lake this weekend for a dock diving event. I’m hoping that it will be fairly laid-back and NOT drama filled. But I guess I will just have to wait and see I suppose. Hopefully people are starting to get over themselves (doubtful) and will just be decent instead of ignorant.

Since the hotel that I am staying at doesn’t really have a fitness center, I probably won’t be running on Saturday. Hopefully I can get home early enough on Sunday to get a run in and get some laundry done.


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