Product Review for You!


Oh my goodness! A post about something other than my slightly-mundane-but-at-times-drama-filled-life 😉

On Friday I stopped after work and bought these bad boys (or girls):

Mine are actually zebra striped, not leopard print.

I read about them in a couple of magazines, and thought they’d be neat to try out.

So Friday night, after I had assembled the best burgers ever and was waiting for the grill to warm up, I sat in my kitchen with my BFLT and decided to try them out on my toes. Zebra is a bit wild for the office on the nails…at least for me.

They are sized for finger nails, but I made them work for my toes by either doubling up on my big toes or turning them sideways. Which did of course result in the stripes going in different direction, but I think I can live with that. They are supposed to last for 10 days, and so far since I’ve put them on I’ve gone running, swimming, and taken a shower, and no chips to be seen:

 Please excuse my freaky toes, thanks!

This was taken today at the office after wearing my flats for close to 10 hours with no socks or stocking (gross right?). So I would say that they’ve held up very well. This will be day 3 and they haven’t even started to peel a little bit.

I will post about removing them a little later, once I decide to take them off. It says on the package that you can use regular nail polish remover to get them off, so we will see if it comes off as easily as regular polish does with remover.

For more info on these little suckers, you can visit the Sally Hansen website here.

I got mine at Target, but I’m sure you can buy them anywhere that they sell Sally Hansen products.


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