Who the Heck Google Searches “Office Toes”?


If you’ll remember, I reviewed a nail product that I used on my toes here.

I can see what search terms brought people to the blog under my stats, which I look at every once in a while. Apparently, someone has a thing for toes in office environments…because the search term that brought them to my little corner of the world was “office toes”.


You might notice at the bottom of the homepage I have listed several races including my half in October that I would like to do this year. Mostly just 5k’s but I’m looking forward to them.

I’m really glad that I am getting back into running. Even though I haven’t knocked it out of the ballpark or anything, I’m still feeling pretty good about it all. And looking forward to my next run, which will most likely be tomorrow morning since I am taking tomorrow off work to drive to the Lake for the big Dockdogs event.

It will be fun to get away, and not have to worry or deal with the hassles that surround planning the events and everything. I’m also looking forward to getting to mingle around the fairs this year instead of stressing over everything at the event site. That gets to be someone else’s issue this year. While that sounds a bit callous, I’m not saying I won’t volunteer my time to help out, but I’m over killing myself at these events. My goal this year is to enjoy my time at the events with friends and my dog.

In other news, I’m meeting with a family tonight to help their daughter get her hours in for her 4H project for the fair this year. She is doing Dogs as her project, and I’m not sure where to even begin!


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