Mission Skincare

First, my last product review, which you can read about here, wrap up. I removed the polish on Tuesday and it came off really nicely. It was kind of fun because first the white stripes came off, then the black came off of the other stripes, leaving them white as well, before all the polish came off. They lasted forever without chipping or peeling. A definite re-buy in my book.

Now a new product review (of two different products actually) for y’all!

I recently received some products from Mission Skincare, a company that makes sunscreens and a variety of other products for athletes and active people. I got a whole bunch of stuff, but haven’t had a chance to really use all of it yet, so I am going to review the two things that I have fully tested out.

First, I got some of their Lip Balms.

 (The only one I don’t have is the orange).

I love them! They aren’t over-powering with a scent, and they aren’t sticky or goopy. There isn’t any real pigment to them, and even when I go a day without putting some on, my lips don’t feel dried out like they can with other products. Now, I love my Smith’s Rosebud balm, but these are super covenant and not as messy since they are in a stick and not a pot.

Next, I got their Rejuvenating Face Moisturizer in SPF 30.

It has no scent to it, and absorbed into my skin quickly. I put it on in the morning under my makeup, and it didn’t feel greasy a few hours later, like I’ve experienced before with some sunscreen moisturizer. I was out all day in the sun and my face NEVER burned. And I was sweating like crazy. I am having some acne issues after using it all weekend, but I’m not certain they were caused by the moisturizer. I think it was more of the fact that I wore makeup and sweated all day and then wasn’t really good about washing my face (cause I’m lazy like that!). However, I put some on the last couple of days and the acne hasn’t gotten worse, so I’m thinking it was more the makeup/sweaty face.

So far I am a fan of the products that I have tried and would encourage you to check them out here. Their prices aren’t sky-high like some places and their products have been tested by the athlete’s who have helped design them.

A definite must try in my book!


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