Weekend Bust

Honestly, at some point in time, my weekends will quit being absolutely worthless to me.

I accomplished next to nothing this past weekend. It gets so frustrating not getting anything done that I want to do! I just don’t know what it will take to actually get it done 😦

Things I did manage to do this weekend:

Saturday, next to nothing! We grilled brats and potatoes and then went over to our friend’s parent’s house to have cheesecake and ice cream for our “niece’s” birthday. So we hung out there for a rather long time.

Sunday, I got up and fixed my hair. Then drove to my parent’s house to ride with them to my uncle’s in the city for Father’s Day/Granny’s birthday. It was nice, but his house isn’t really set up for entertaining large groups of people. A) it’s super small, and B) it has a really terrible floor plan. But I sucked it up and hung out with the family for a little while before heading back to my parents to “check out” all their new landscaping. Then I finally made it to Big River Running Company for their big 1st Birthday/Anniversary sale. Which I wanted to go to YESTERDAY!! But I had my gait analyzed (M says don’t they do that to race horses?), and then we picked out some new shoes fer my feets. I wound up getting a men’s shoe because I have big old honkin feet, but it’s not hideous, and it fits my foot and should help me run better. So that’s what I’m all about!

Then I came home, and made chicken and noodles per M’s request. I would have to say they were my best batch yet! Slightly spicy, with the juice being the perfect thickness. My noodles were a little on the big side, but that was ok. Too bad I didn’t make more, M took all the leftovers for lunch today!

Hoping to get a 2 mile run in tonight after work, and then maybe (hopefully) get the dogs out to Canine Country for some swim/play time. They totally deserve it!

Also, head over to Chloe is Running with a Bottle of Wine, since she is hosting an awesome give away for the ladies!


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