Dear Ants…

Please go away!

Seriously, we have been dealing with an ant invasion since the ground began to thaw. And there are a TON of them! I’m so over it, too. They get on to everything and you can’t set something down for two seconds without them crawling all over it. Totally gross! And no matter how clean I keep the kitchen they are always there.

I ran in my new shoes last night 🙂 Two miles and it seemed to take me forever! I probably would have more successful runs if I didn’t spend half of it yanking the insides of my short legs down. Thank you very much thunder thighs! My total time is a bit skewed because I a) spent so much time screwing around with my shorts and b) I had to stop and help some lady wrangle her dogs. I’m sorry but if you live by a road, that can be busy sometimes, you probably want to make sure that your dog’s will come when called as opposed to running across said road. But I sweated it out in 37:32, for an average pace of 18:46 per mile. Bummer! On a good note though, I burn major calories. Tonight I’m wanting to get in two more miles, and also take the dogs out for a swim/run before settling in to watch my favorite show, Pretty Little Liars. I know it’s geared more towards the youth set, but I absolutely love it!

Also, I am super happy to report my BFLT has made it home after spending a week in Mexico building houses for the homeless on a mission trip. So wine and whine nights should pick back up very soon!


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