Perfect Running Weather!

I’m crazy excited about this weather y’all! It’s so super nice and it makes me want to run a bajillion miles (not for reals though, wouldn’t make it).

I went running last night (yay!) and the weather was super sweet. Not too hot or humid, and it was overcast for the majority of the run so I didn’t need my sunglasses. I ran my usual two miles in, brace yourself, 33:50! That’s right! I wore Nike capris, which really helped with the whole yanking of the shorts stop every three steps thing. I didn’t use music, so I don’t know if I could have gone faster or not. So far I am loving the new shoes đŸ™‚ . So that is a 16:55 per miles pace. Love it! Now if only these pounds would just mysteriously fall off, we’d be good to go…

Then once I got home I made a super delish dinner. We had garlic and herb broiled chicken, creamy garlic shells, green beans, and I had some cottage cheese to go with it. unfortunately, M had to abandon his dinner to go help his dad with some car trouble, so he didn’t get to finish his. I put it in the fridge, and then put it in a tupperware this morning.

Tonight I am going to help a little girl with her 4H project some more…I have no clue what to do…I do have a lab encyclopedia, so maybe I’ll bring that and we can look at some of the stuff in it together…who knows?

So probably no running for me tonight, just helping her and then hanging around home…total bummer! But this weekend is shaping up to be a good one, so hopefully I finally get my relaxing time in (as well as get my house in order!)…


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