I’m in LOVE…

With Picnik and I want to marry it and have it’s babies!

(As if that’s even possible!)

I piddled around with it before and wasn’t that impressed. But after reading and seeing some photos on Sarah Soon-to-Be’s (as in like a week from tomorrow! Congrats girl!) site, Once Upon a (L)ime, I decided to give it another go. Seriously, y’all, this is like the Photoshop for Dummies. I liked it so much that I actually went ahead and purchased the upgrade to try out for one month. So basically, I’ve spent the majority of my day on that site, making collages and all sorts of fun stuff. Am I walking away from photoshop? Never! Love it too much. But I can incorporate my photoshopped work into Picnik, so now I can make storyboards and such. Plus, some of the effects are just divine 😉

Did I mention how glad I am that it’s Friday? No? Well, let me do that right quick like…


My weekend plans are as follows:

Tonight-Possibly run, as I have a 5k in one-ish weeks; begin cleaning cycle; make dinner (maybe…)

Saturday-Finish cleaning, run some more, CC outing w/ dogs, swim at pool, possible dinner w/ parents

Sunday-Sew, run even more, CC outing w/dogs, possible Father’s Day outing, ENJOY DAY!!

So those are my plans for this loverly weekend (because the weather is supposed to be beyond kick ass!).

Now I leave you with some Picniked goodness:


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  1. SandySays1 says:

    I see you have your priorities close to correct. Your outings with the canines in your life are prominently scheduled. You might include Get It when you cavort with your pups. It’s a great game. By the way – Photo-shop forever! Oh and I love Fidos tongue —- We’re kindred souls.

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