A Big F-U Mother Nature!

I mean seriously? Did you have to make me honestly believe my house was going to either fall down from the thunder shaking it or that it was going to get struck by lightning and blow up? Someone was a little pms-ing last night.

And yesterday, trying to hang by the pool and work on my pastiness? You couldn’t have thrown us a bone and made it a little warmer and sunnier? No, you waited until we all went inside for dinner to let the sun shine, and then by the time we were heading home you decided to throw another fit! Jeez…

All in all though, yesterday was really pretty awesome! I got my two miles in, I’m currently waiting to see how long it will take the fog to burn off before I decide when to go hit my 3 miles I have planned for today. Got lots of dishes done, and my living room looks halfway decent, other than the fact that I need to dust and straighten the tables up. Then only a few more things to do before my house is CLEAN!! Thank goodness it isn’t bigger or else I’d throw an absolute shit fit! But if it were bigger, it’d probably have more space to put things so it wouldn’t look like a bomb exploded in it…the debate rages on…

My run was awesome, the weather was good, no little kids on a four-wheeler to dodge, and I banged it out in 32:55! All my walk breaks were super short and I took probably 3? I don’t remember. Now if the pounds would just go away…it doesn’t take long to pack them on but it sure as hell takes a billion years to lose them. My average pace per mile was about 16:27. I’m so glad that I’m able to run. I’d probably go insane if I couldn’t!

So here I sit, trying to determine my plan for the rest of the day…definitely finish cleaning the rest of the house, possible clean out my car (which is trash free just filled with dog hair), run, maybe take the dogs out if the weather holds up? Oh and run to the grocery store, because I didn’t get my peanut butter sandwich yesteday…since the bread was moldy. Super gross!

PS-I don’t really mean F-U Mother Nature…please don’t blow my house down or have terrible weather for the next few weeks! K? Love ya bye!!


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