I make it rain…

So no go on the three miles yesterday..I’m such a bum!

Instead of just going, I wound up going to the grocery store (where I bought roasted red pepper hummus, delish!), and then making breakfast for M. Then lunch for M, and then we were lying around and then I got sucked into the movie Inception. Good movie! I like the cliff hanger drama at the end. Is he dreaming or is he in reality? Is the top going to fall over or keep spinning? WE WILL NEVER KNOW! Unless they make a sequel…

But other than that I was a huge bum yesterday. No running, no doggie frolicking, no sewing, barely washed all the dishes, no more cleaning bum. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow!

New debate…Fleet Feet STL is hosting a 5k “kick off” type race/run on July 23rd. I’m already doing the Firecracker 5k in ONE STINKIN’ WEEK! (Read: holy shit!), but I kinda really want to do this one as well. It’s less than $20 to register, and it’s not too far away, plus I was thinking I could park at my parents, walk/run to the start (2.4 miles away) and then walk/run back to their house and call it a long run and hit the pool (because it will be nice and SUNNY out, right Mother Nature?). Debating, debating. Advise please!

I AM going to go out and put in three miles after I get home from work, humidity and temp be damned…unless it’s elevenity billion degrees out, then I might pass and try to head out later (which we’ve all seen  how that works out for me). I also want to get the dogs out since this will be my last week with my membership to CC. I want to renew, but I will probably wait until after July since it’s busy with events and either renew in August or September.

Happy sweating to y’all!


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  1. SandySays1 says:

    Into every life a little bumming is required. You have to have something to feel guilty about, right. Just make sure the canines frolick.

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