Hot Cross Buns Son!

You want to know the worst part of being fat and running? Chafing!

I got my three miles in last night, woohoo! I finished in 54:03, which makes for a pace of 18:01 per mile. Now, a couple of things: 1) I had just gotten done eating dinner with my parents, so I didn’t want to push too hard and puke it all back up since it was a pretty tasty meal, 2) I ran through water .86 miles into my run, and then again coming back so (I actually walked through it since I didn’t want to slip and bust my ass!) I spent 2.14 miles of my run with wet shoes, and 3) I had to stop and herd some dogs back to their house because while they are very nice dogs, I didn’t want them following me. So those things may or may not have had an effect on my run last night.

I didn’t use any ride glide or anti-friction creme, and probably should have because I felt some chafing going on right below my buns…so if I head out tonight, I’m definitely slathering some of that on fo sho!

Today has felt like it has been dragging on. I’m pretty much by myself today because both my parents are out of the office and this means that no one is really doing their job like they should be…Plus I’m the only other person who handles any aspect of shipping when my father is out. Mostly though, I get annoyed with one particular co-worker…he drives me bat-shit crazy with some of his “issues”:

-Sounds like a mouth breather, but through his nose. Seriously, you would think he just ran a marathon or something for as hard as he breathes from walking the 20 or so feet to the fax machine.

-Waiting to give me a same day ship PO or taking a same day shipment after the cut off time. And he’s worked here for 16 or so years, he knows the rules.

-Hacking. He is constantly hacking up something or clearing his throat. Like serious loogie hacking. And he will do it right behind you in your ear or over the phone when your trying to talk to him. And he’s been to the doctor and has a scrip to fix it but won’t get it because there isn’t a generic or it’s not a tier one scrip.

-Smelly. He has this odor. I can’t quite describe it…it’s a cross between severe work out B.O., stinky poopy baby diaper, and that smell that really old house’s get. And it lingers in a place he’s been for at least twenty minutes after he’s been there.

I’m counting down the years until he retires, which I know sounds really bad, but he is just THAT coworker…plus it’s only like two years away, so it’s not like I’m waiting for something that won’t happen anytime soon.

My other estimator spends the majority of his free time out chatting and distracting other employees in the shop, you know the place where they can’t eff up a unit from being distracted…it’s a never-ending battle…Sometime I have to wonder if stupidity is just something that comes natural to these people who live down here!


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