A) I can’t believe June is pretty much over


B) I keep forgetting that I have a three-day weekend this week!

Super exciting 🙂 I remember thinking that they weren’t going to start the Firecracker 5k on Monday until like 9 or some crazy time like that but they are actually starting it at 7 so I’m glad I double checked that for sure! Tonight’s agenda includes a three miler and who knows what else.

I stopped by my parents house last night since M was at “bible study”. I put it in quotation marks because it’s really just a bunch of farmers who get together and chat and have dinner and they invited M to join their circle so that’s good for him. My Dad had just gotten his new grill, “The Big Green Egg” so he wanted to grill some burgers on it and invited me over for dinner. We had burgers, brats, bean salad, and chips with watermelon for dessert. And then my mom wanted me to come hang in the pool with her so I had to go buy a swimsuit.

Well, someone at Target should get their ass kicked! They did NOT put the suits back on the right size hangers and since we were in a hurry we didn’t check the tags, so when I got back home the bottoms fit ok, but the top was WAAYY to small, as in I can’t swim because I can breathe and it smashing me small. So shame on you Target employee who was too lazy to do your job correctly.

I’m getting excited but nervous for the Firecracker. I don’t want to be the last person to finish, because that would be so embarrassing! I also want to get a new top or something to wear that is a little longer than the two I have that I’ve been using so my fat doesn’t flounce around everywhere…so I will probably either stop by Dick’s on the way home Friday, or try to find something on Saturday when I go to packet pick up!


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