I need a vacation from my vacation!

I have seriously tried all week to go to bed early to recover from vacation, and it did not happen until last night!

Thank goodness I have a relatively low-key weekend planned…

Saturday I plan on taking the BooBoo dog out running, and then working retrieving drills with the Yellow Dog. Also, throwing in some laundry and cleaning as well. Sunday we are attending a BBQ/Party for M’s cousin’s stepson who he just adopted. So low-key all around.

I’m so tired today! I would have thought I would have not felt quite as tired considering I went to bed around 9-ish last night but, damn. I am So fricking tired! I don’t particularly feel like doing anything and it’s been hard to even type up this post!

I have however spent the day browsing boot selections and such on the internets 😉 Cardy Uggs, please get on my feet right the eff now thankyouverymuch!


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