And Back to the Grind


Vacation was really, really great. I loved it! But by the end I was ready to get home. I missed my house, my dogs, and my own bed. Not to mention the fact that I hadn’t been able to GO anywhere on my own for the last week. Because we didn’t have a car there…oh well.

There was a house down there that I absolutely loved and some day when I am a rich bitch, I’m totally going to buy it (and a boat, because you can’t have a lake house without a boat).

The first four days of vacation it was just me, M, Big A, and Big A’s mom. Then His dad came out, and on Thursday DG and JH showed up with their little rugrat. And he was a total baby about EVERYTHING. Got to the point where he would start to throw a tantrum if they even made him come out on to the deck. I’ve never seen a kid so scared of everything in my life. RR and LR came down with D & N Friday evening and KT came down Friday afternoon. We took lots of night boat rides, went tubing, and took a ride to the dam (which made me feel like I was on Deadliest Catch, except way warmer). The main channel at the Lake can get super rough sometimes. We played putt-putt, and drove go-carts. I took a crap ton of pictures, that as soon as I get a chance to I will post some of them here.

All in all, a great vacation. Except now I’m struggling to make of for my lack of sleep from the past week and having to get up crazy early when someone makes you stay up to watch the season finale of Masterchef with him that he recorded (Go Jen! You deserved it!). But hopefully I will get it all squared away soon and get all caught up on my sleep and such!


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