Laid Back Weekend

Finally! I managed to get the whole house cleaned up 🙂 Now if only I could get all the laundry done as well 😉

I did absolutely nothing on Saturday, but stay at home and work on cleaning up the house. All the floors got done, all dishes washed and put away, the puppers got baths, it was so nice. Now just to tackle the laundry.

Sunday, instead of tackling the laundry I went with M over to my grandparents house so he could mow some of their yard and spray their weeds down and such. My Granny is convinced that I should move into her house. I don’t know why she thinks this but she brought it up like, 10 times, while we were there. Once we were done at their house, we unloaded the trailer and took it back to RR’s homestead and visited with BooBoo’s brother. We took BooBoo and RR and LR took her brother because M found and rescued them together. Then we headed over to M’s cousin’s house for a “BBQ”.

Ricardo recently adopted his stepson and they threw a little party in honor of that. Also, the rest of Ricardo’s family (M’s aunt & other cousin) all came up from the Dirty South so we got to see them, and we only get to generally see them a couple of times a year. L&L brought up their two kiddos, CJH and BLH. Oh my goodness, I have never seen such serious babies before. But they both are super adorable. So after that, we went home, and I pretended to do laundry for .5 seconds…now it’s back to work. And back to attempting to lose weight. Because seriously, something needs to change here. 



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