The Internet…Now everyone is a stalker!

So I realized today while I was perusing my twitter, that the Internet has now made it easier to stalk people without really being a “stalker”.

Get where I’m going?


Ok, I’ll ‘splain it to ya.

Back in the olden days (before the Internet, email, cell phones, etc…horrors!), if you wanted to stalk someone, you had to kind make sure you lived relatively close to them (to be a decent stalker) or at least take the time to hand write painstakingly crafted letter of “love”, in which you declare not only your undying love (read: obsession) with them, but also your charming desire to wear their skin as a suit and lay around eating pickles and having pretend dinners with their mummified corpses.

Creepy, right?

But thanks to Twitter, Facebook, those crafty people taking sneaky shots with their cells, and Perez (cause we gotta give him a little credit) we can now know EVERYTHING we EVER wanted to know about that cute guy (or girl) who plays in that one show that your most likely WAAYY too old to be watching-but-hey -who’s-really-gonna-know-so-you-watch-it-anyways-guilty-pleasure-teen drama-show.

Run on sentence much, anyone?

And you don’t feel like a stalker, because they only have like million followers on Facebook and Twitter, and OMG they totally can’t tell how old you are from your profile pic. So that’s cool that you check FB and Twitter 90 times a day to see what witty and sarcastic bit of humor or wisdom they have decided to bestow upon their blessed fans today.

Because everyone else does it.

And not only does it allow you to stalk the shit out of your favorite celebs, but the good old Internets allow every plain Jane, Tom, Dick and Harry out there to think that someone actually gives a crap about what mundane happenings go on in our lives, so we make blogs/Twitters/Facebooks/Tumblrs so we can let everyone know that “OMG these cramps are killer, and give me some chocolate NOW!” is how we feeling today.

But if you think for one second that I’m not loving it and will delete all my social networking connections…think again suckers! How else will I fill my time at work?


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