Go Shawty it’s ya birfday…

And yesterday was indeed my birthday, so happy birthday to me.


The douchiest employee ever turned in his two weeks yesterday (after being told by everyone else that we do not accept two-week notifications). And this morning he got served with his paper work. He was trying to time it so that he could quit just after his renewal and get paid for his two weeks of vacation time you get on your anniversary date. Alas, it didn’t really go as he  had planned.

He was a total douche bag. Every place has one of those employees. The kind that think they have you right where they want you and that they have so much dirt on you that  you can never fire them, blahblahblah. And they don’t listen, or follow the rules, or sometimes cause a whole new attendance policy to get written up…you see where this is going. So I’m completely happy that he is gone. A good wrap up to my birthday 😉

My birthday went well. I worked (as usual) and then headed home and finally made my salsa with my own home grown tomatoes. So exciting. Then I took care of a couple of little things, and then M took me out to dinner, which was really good!

Tomorrow is my 5k. Le sigh…not ready at all for it. Oh well it will be a nice kick in the pants to get going and get back on my training schedule for my half in October. Then after the 5k, its party time! We’ll be heading to my parents house for my “birthday” party. And then Sunday is going to be for relaxing and doing my usual housework. Which actually shouldn’t be too bad considering I got the house all cleaned up good last weekend. Looking forward to having a great weekend.

Hope your’s is good too!


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