Mah Weekend Y’all

My weekend actually went quite well.

It started out Friday with dinner and wine time at home with my BFLT, KT. We dined at 54th Street Grill where I had steak and  a baked potato (which I will be eating the rest of today). Then we headed home and had ice wine, which I totally forgot how sweet that was. Shockingly almost too sweet for me. Then it was off to bed because I had to get up early and run a 5k in the morning. After not running for almost four weeks (yikes!).

Saturday I got up, headed out the door (after getting dressed of course) and headed 15 minutes up the road to the race site. Too nice. There was the tiniest crowd of people I’ve ever seen at a race before, seriously only 64 people in the 5k. No timing chips or anything. But it was still a really nice race and there were quite a few course volunteers.

After I was done with the 5k, I head over to the nail salon for a pedicure, which was divine! Also, apparently some new phone or something came out on Saturday because holy hell, there was a huge crowd outside of Best Buy when I pulled up, and then all the sudden 60% of the crowd walked away all pissy. I don’t know that I would ever stand in line like that for something like a phone, or a video game. I’ll just wait a while until there is more supply and less demand. 🙂

After my pedicure, I headed home. Where I decided to not shower because I would be swimming later. So I half assed my hair and did my make-up, which held up surprisingly for all the swimming I did. Then after M got home we headed off to my parents house for my “birthday party”. Which went really well despite a few bumps along the way. Everyone had a really great time, and the food was really good and I got lots of neato gifts from everyone.

Sunday I got up early, and ran to grocery store so I good get some stuff to make breakfast with. So we had bacon, eggs, and fried potatoes for breakfast, pizza for lunch and some Hamburger Helper for dinner. Then I kind of puttered around and got all the dishes done, and the kitchen table moderately cleaned off. Then we watched the MTV VMA’s which held some interesting moments and some not so interesting moments.

Now it’s back to the grind…


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