Anybody want to tell me when my life is going to actually be mine again? I am TIRED of stressing out over everything and having to deal with other people’s issues!

My dad is in the hospital at the current moment. He has blood clots in his lungs and in one of his legs…I don’t want that life! M is dealing with this guy who he paid to do a custom 4-wheeler bumper and now that guy is acting in my opinion, shady. It’s been like 6 months since M ordered it and it hasn’t shown up yet…plus this guy is uber hard to get a hold of, etc, etc.

I didn’t get my run in last night because I spent the evening with my parents/family at the hospital visiting my dad. So, no run and no workout 😦 But tonight I am planning on doing 3 miles and the Tone It Up Bikini Strap Workout and Itty Bitty Bikini Workout for core. I just tried some moves and holy crap! They are actually pretty tough! Also, I’m *really* out of shape. I have zero upper body strength. It’s sad…

My 31 party is wrapping up tonight. I didn’t quite meet my goal, in fact I think I only got about halfway there. I still get some pretty neat hostess rewards though, so that is always nice. I get at least $100 in free merchandise, two half price items, and then I can choose from two hostess gifts at discounted prices…so we will have to see! I was hoping for a higher party so I could use more of it to do some Christmas “shopping” but it doesn’t look like that might happen now. I still might pick some stuff out for the kids and a few other things but I just don’t know. Christmas is such a pain in my butt sometimes! Always new people to buy for (this year a new nephew and my sister’s boyfriend) and it just gets overwhelming at times…I need another job practically!


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